Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ruby, the totally happy dog

Following are several random sample pages I’ve created for a children’s picture book entitled Ruby, the totally happy dog, written by Vanda Solomon, Seattle-based writer and poet, and mother of singer/musician Jesse Sykes. Based on the real-life companion of Jesse, and Phil Wandscher, guitarist in her band, The Sweet Hereafter, Ruby tells a sweet and simple, but potent tale of the bond of friendship and love that can grow between a dog and the people in her life. Ruby, a devoted black Labrador, rescued from a shelter, longs for her human friends while they are away touring with their music and is comforted during this time by a loving dog sitter, whose devotion to the gentle animal completes the circle of emotional reliance about which the story revolves.
Also included in this little gallery of images are several pencil working sketches, and subsequent inked variations, of Ruby’s canine co-stars, Betty and T-Bone, both characters also based on genuine dogs, one of which, the much-loved Betty, has passed beyond even the ethereal reach of fiction. Everyone misses you, Betty.
Vanda is currently searching for a publisher for the proposed book. Any interested parties should feel free to contact me here and I will connect them directly with the author.