Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Carrot and a Cape

The following gallery features a greatly-abbreviated version of a proposed 168-page book entitled A Carrot and a Cape, a compendium of some three dozen of my Cartoon Jumbles paintings, accompanied by essays that reflect on the characters involved – illustrated with other pieces of my art that focus on the particular icons, many from my childhood, as well as a trivia page for each – among whose features are the purposefully-pompous criticisms of my imaginary doppelganger art critic, Andrew Land.
Intended as much as a commentary on the cartoon icons of our popular culture, as it is a showcase for my paintings, it was developed upon the suggestion of an independent publisher who ultimately passed on the project, his partner fearing legal complications in regards to the licensing of the various trademarked characters involved – a trepidation I feel is quite unfounded in proprietary reality, but nevertheless understood, the ripple of legal threat often too easily a wake carrying a heavy price.
Having since had it reviewed, and also passed over (it not meeting their editorial template), by one of the country’s largest art book publishers, I am left wondering if there is an imprint in the middle of these two operational extremes that might be at all interested in such a proposal.
If anyone reading this has an uncle in the business, please feel free to contact me, otherwise I hope you might enjoy whatever these first twenty-odd pages have to offer, as I present them here, for the very first time.

And, to bookend the abbreviated presentation, here are the back pages, and back cover, of the proposal.