Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Flakey Frog Pads His Retreat

Here's another of my brand new Cartoon Jumble commissions, this one requested by Danny from Michigan, who asked that I combine Robert Crumb's Flakey Foont with Ub Iwerk's Flip the Frog, a truly unholy union that can only but end with a jar of neurotic tadpoles.


dannyv said...

Poor Flip, Poor Flakey suffering a crime against nature with their sexual frustrations clearly in hand. Are those tadpoles or sperm cells ready to inseminate the pond? Zygotic!

Jeremy Eaton said...

Zygotic shenanigans indeed, Danny! I think your insightful question concerning the polliwogs is one pregnant with biological implication - both in the pond, and the field, of reproductive science. It was just such iconic ambiguity that set me going with this Jumble. I'll direct you to the Crumb-styled sweat beads for further visual complexity.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I see their overactive tails projecting them to a welcoming hostess. Any pond in a storm!!