Saturday, January 16, 2010

One Ghost Cartoonist Revealed

For about a year and a half, during the mid 1990s, I ghosted a weekly cartoon strip that ran in Seattle's the Stranger. Entitled Gordy, it was created by a well-known cartoonist, who turned it over to another well-known cartoonist, then to me, both of us agreeing to write and draw it in an anonymous fashion (as had the originator). I think the idea was to have it appear as the machined product of some obscure cartoon syndicate, the sort of oblique feature you might have expected to find on the classifieds page of your hometown daily, back in the heyday of newspaper productivity. I quickly ran with it, unhindered, soon creating a wide cast of additional characters and situations, culminating my run with a long, serialized adventure. This is one of my self-standing strips, to which I've now added color.

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