Thursday, January 14, 2010

Roland In Australia

This is a page from an illustrated book I created some twenty-six years ago, all the way back in 1984, writing and drawing it as I went along, filling a 60-page sketchbook from beginning to end. Entitled Roland In Australia (finding happiness in the outback, back and again), it tells the strange tale of a young man who, literally overnight, transforms into a small, blue-skinned creature. His abrupt change derailing his wedding to the daughter of a wealthy Australian family, he sets out across the vast wilderness to reunite with his long-lost father, encountering much adversity, and curiosity, along the way. Finding only his father's grave, he sets out to track the band of poacher bandits who killed him, all the while pondering his bizarre metamorphosis.
For a look at the first ten pages, click here. I'll be posting all of the story in the weeks to come.

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