Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hey, Kids! Comics!

The following gallery features half a dozen photographs of myself, reading six comics from my collection of well-weathered odds and ends, the sort of books you once could find in boxes of other unwanted treasures. They were taken as part of the publicity for my new Cartoon Jumbles show, which opens this Friday, July 3rd, at The Secret Headquarters comic shop and gallery, in the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles.
I present them here, more a testament to the comics than the bearded man reading them, each captioned with a favorite quote from the book within.
I’d like to thank my good friend, Kevin Schlosser, for helping me to realize this presentational concept with his keen eye. He’s a fine photographer, available for pet weddings, kid’s birthdays, and, most especially, bachelorette parties.

My right fist is a rock-crusher! Put your face back in the hole!

We’ll heat up his electrodes with the electric lash!

Surrender, humans! You cannot defeat my brilliant gorilla army!

You made it just in time for the beating of your life!

That’ll teach them to bomb the king with his own royal bombs!