Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jumble Show - A Preview in Pencil

The following gallery consists of ten pencil studies of new Cartoon Jumble paintings I am currently working on, all which will be a part of a show that opens the evening of Friday, July 3rd, at The Secret Headquarters, a fine comics store and gallery located in Los Angeles, California.
This will be my first solo show in over a decade, so mark it on your calendars if you’re going to be in the LA area that weekend. More details to come, closer to the opening date! Enjoy!

Robert Crumb & Dagwood

Charlie Brown & The Watcher

Nancy & Mickey Mouse

Hobbes & Tony Tiger

The Yellow Kid & Mr. Natural

Little Lulu & Wonder Woman

Bazooka Joe & Nick Fury

Snuffy Smith & Luke Cage

Lucy & The Dragon Lady

Hot Stuff & Iceman